Sunday, 19 November 2017

11 Hours by Daniel Paul Singh Book Review

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one Wednesday evening, I came across a few romantic lines. Being a hopeless romantic, living in my fairy-tale world, I love reading such things and believe in them too. I read all those lines swiftly and later found out that these are lines from the book 11 Hours written by Daniel Paul Singh.


I'm not really fond of reading. In fact, I find reading long books (and long blog posts too) very boring. But you know there is some sort of addiction in novels that you can't really stop reading until you reach the end. I have read only one romantic novel in my life and that is Two States by Chetan Bhagat. Later I had bought a nutrition book but I haven't read even 25% of it.

Now coming back to 11 hours. As I came to know about the book, I downloaded its free sample from Amazon and decided to buy it if like. I found the sample so interesting that immediately after it ended, I bought the kindle version of the book and completed reading it in 4 days!


11 Hours is a story of Robin and Diana who are married for 2 years and head over heels in love with each other. Everything was good in their lives until one day when Diana went missing.

The book depicts the love between Robin and Diana. It takes us to a beautiful journey of romance in an arranged marriage. It also shows strong friendship between Robin and Prabhu. And then the most important part of the book is about Robin's first love Brindha. Robin and Brindha's story is an interesting one too and I think it is more relatable.


11 hours is a Romantic Thriller. I enjoyed reading the romantic part and could relate to it but the Thriller part, I felt it is too much fiction. There are a few things in the book which doesn't make sense to me. Like when Robin and Diana met, Robin didn't really like Diana. But then in their second meeting he is all romantic giving her gifts and wanting to go on his knees. This quick love between Diana and Robin is a bit uncanny. I think it takes time in an arranged marriage to feel for each other and then to actually express that feelings.

Next, Brindha and Robin's relationship ended quickly for such a stupid reason. And Robin becoming a volunteer for the professor in spite of knowing the consequences of it is again something foolish. Lastly, I didn't like the end of the story. Throughout the book I was thinking about why Diana is being kidnapped and at the end I found out that all this is happening because of a misunderstanding.


Overall this story is like a bollywood masala movie where you see romance, drama, action, science-fiction, suspense and a happy ending. With simple words and interesting way of writing, 11 hours keep us hooked till the end. The book also contains a bonus short story at the end which I started reading but didn't find it interesting.

So these are my thoughts about 11 Hours, a Romantic Thriller by Daniel Paul Singh. Share your thoughts about this book in the comments section below. If you haven't read it and you are interested in reading it, you can buy it here. The kindle version is priced at ₹68 and print version is priced at ₹178.

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P.S. Images taken from Daniel Paul Singh's Facebook Page.


  1. Hi Fatima, thanks a lot for the review.. not sure how i missed your post :(

    Am glad that this is the second novel after Two states that u have read and u finished it in 4 days.

    And I will have to explain a few things :)

    The novel is semi autobiographical, every single character that came in the novel is based on someone in real life :)

    //But then in their second meeting he is all romantic// there was a scene in between where Prabhu wud ask Robin to get some gifts and go, i edited it out owing to word limits, so my bad :(

    Robin and Brindha indeed ended their relation in real life for this very same reason, so i didnt have a choice there - sometimes reality is more weirder than fiction :)

    //volunteer for the professor// thats Robin trying to be a hero :D :P i konw its silly

    And the climax.. yes, many shared a similar thought, so will make sure the next book's climax is good. The reason why i went with this climax is to give Robin's character an end, like its all happening because of his blog/writing and his writings are being taken seriously and that he is on his way to become a good writer.. guess the message fell flat, will correct it next time.

    Thanks again for reading and reviewing the novel.. means a lot :)

  2. Hey,

    I'm so glad that you found my review and explained these things.

    Wish you luck for your next book. Looking forward to read it.