Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mumbiker Nikhil Meet-up - First-ever Youtuber's Meet-up I attended

It was around 2 years back when I saw my brother listening very attentively to a man on YouTube. I asked him "who is this man?" He said, "Mumbiker Nikhil, a motovlogger." I was like "hmm.. okay, a motovlogger, talking about bikes and stuffs." At that time I had no idea he will become one of my favourite Youtubers and I will actually attend his meet-up.

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Upon seeing my brother's craziness for this guy, one day I decided to watch his video. All saw was a guy riding his bike and talking about normal things he find worth sharing. And guess what, I actually found the video interesting. Ever since then I am a Mumbiker Nikhil fan and trust me, I never found him boring. From his Instagram stories to his travel and ride videos, I watch almost everything.

I call Nikhil the 'bhai of vlogging world.' His popularity in Indian vlogging world is similar to Salman Khan's popularity in Bollywood. Whatever Mumbiker Nikhil does, people love it and even if he make any mistake, his fans are ready with reasons to defend him. With 606K+ YouTube Subscribers and around 373K+ social media followers, Nikhil is one of the most popular YouTubers in India.

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If you watch his videos, you will come to know he has fans not only in India but across the world. People actually go and wait on highways in the midst of night just to meet him once. Letters, gifts and loads of request for meet-ups, that's what Nikhil see every single day.

So what is that which make Nikhil 'Mumbiker Nikhil,' a famous internet celebrity? I think it is his honesty. People see 'Nikhil', the actual person on the camera and not a fake one. It is very easy to feel connected to him because he is just talking normally, just speaking his mind. He says what he feel and that's what people like. (This is what I think. There may be other reasons too.)

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Mumbiker Nikhil meet-up at Phoenix Market City, Kurla

Now coming to Mumbiker Nikhil's meet-up story. He held a meet-up here at Phoenix Market City, Kurla and I decided to there with my brother and a friend. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you must have seen pictures of the meet-up in my Instagram Story. The crowd, Oh My God! Forget about meeting and talking to Nikhil, we couldn't even see or hear him. Although there was a stage but it was not heightened enough. And God knows what was wrong with the speakers, I couldn't understand a single word Nikhil spoke. Since it was too crowded and the crowd was increasing, we left after some time.

Unfortunately, the meet-up wasn't good and I don't think I'll be attending any other meet-ups in the future. I think watching Youtubers on Youtube in the comfort of your home is much better than visiting such events where you can barely hear or see them.

So this was my experience of the first ever YouTuber meet-up. If you are interested in knowing more about Mumbiker Nikhil, check out his YouTube Channel here.

Have you ever attended any such meet-ups? Who is your favourite YouTuber? And do you like Mumbiker Nikhil?

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