Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My first poem and how I wrote it

They say 3 AM is the hour of creative people. But I think it is the hour when creativity hit ordinary people. Never in my wildest dream I had thought of writing a poem. I'm someone who loves reading poem, shayari, ghazals, etc. Not too much, just some of them which are simple and easy to understand. I have always admired poets but I have never thought I would be able to write a poem. And then one night, somewhere around 3 AM without any prior thoughts, it just happened.


Monday, 19 February 2018

My first Coffee at Starbucks

You know there are a few things we feel are overrated even before we have tried them. One of such things is Starbucks. I have always considered this place to be a way of wasting money. That's mainly because I'm not someone who like to spend money on tea or coffee, especially when it is that expensive.

I was always the person criticising my cousin and friends who love Starbucks. And their response use to be "Try Starbucks once and you will never like coffee anywhere else." I never listened to them until when Starbucks announced its "get any Coffee at 100" offer. That's when my friend Pearl Zain literally dragged me to this place.