Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My first poem and how I wrote it

They say 3 AM is the hour of creative people. But I think it is the hour when creativity hit ordinary people. Never in my wildest dream I had thought of writing a poem. I'm someone who loves reading poem, shayari, ghazals, etc. Not too much, just some of them which are simple and easy to understand. I have always admired poets but I have never thought I would be able to write a poem. And then one night, somewhere around 3 AM without any prior thoughts, it just happened.



As the famous comedian and poet Zakir Khan said, in one of his interviews, "kavita aapko aati hai, aap khud nahi likh sakte" meaning you can't really write poem, it naturally come to your mind.  This is what exactly happened to me that night. I was awake, thinking about several things and that's when words naturally started coming to my mind and I picked up my phone and noted them down. I wrote a few lines and that's when I realised I can write. That night, in a few minutes I wrote my first poem. I never thought I would share it with someone but then after a few days I showed it to my cousins and they liked it. Later I decided to share it on social media and received many compliments. Girls were able to relate to it and they all encouraged me to write.

I know this is not a good poem. It is simple, it doesn't rhyme much, the words I have used are not poetic. But this is something very close to my heart. I don't call myself poet. I just write sometimes, about my feelings, about special people and for special occasions. Just a dramatic way to convey simple message 😉.

I don't have any name for this poem so if you wish, you can suggest something in the comment. Here is the poem:

Raised like a princess around her loved ones
Sweet, caring and with a very soft heart
Moody at times, actually most of the times
Grown up and all set to face the world 
With expectations set high
Not knowing she will cry
All her dreams broke leaving her shattered 
Hurt, disheartened, left alone
And then she heard the sound of hope
Wiping her tears she stood strong
Decided to fight and stay there long 
What all they see is only her action
But none ever wondered it could be a reaction
All people see is the outer hard shell
But beyond it, a soft heart dwell 
with her belief, "things happen for a reason"
All she crave is for some special attention
Just a little love which is true
And she will forget everything for you

So this is how I wrote my first poem. Do share your thoughts about it in the comment section below. Also, do you write or have done something you have never thought you could do? Share it with me below.

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