Friday, 6 July 2018

Second Poem for someone special - "Happy Birthday Bestie"

Sometimes things just happen but sometimes we have to make things happen.
In case of writing my first poem, it just happened. So was the case of Pearl Zain and my friendship. "It just happened."

We still look back and try finding out how we became such good friends and but never find anything. I still remember the first time I saw her. We were sitting in the same room, with different groups and didn't care to talk to each other.

We were friends on Facebook but never had any interaction until one day when I saw her interested in the same event I was interested in. I asked her if she want to go with me, she said yes and we attended that event together. That was our first-ever proper interaction.

Since then we use to talk sometime, not much though. Days passed. Conversations got longer and then without even realising, we became "besties".


Last year, it was her first birthday after we became friends and I knew I had to do something special. Because this friend of mine takes her birthday very seriously. You forget her birthday, you are no longer in her good books. 😉

After a lot of thinking, I decided to write a poem. It took some time but I did write a poem, defining her personality. Next was the presentation. For that I took help of her cousin who is also a good friend of mine now. I asked Pearl Zain's cousin to send me some of her good snaps and then I made a video featuring those snaps and my poem.

The "firsts" are always special and I made the first birthday of Pearl Zain special by writing a poem for her and presenting it in video form. She also did something special on my birthday which I'll share on the blog sometime later.

Since it is july, Pearl Zain's birthday month, I decided to share this poem here on the blog:
On this day 25 years prior,
a beautiful soul in this world entered 
Rightly called as 'Pearl Zain',
she is truly an adornment 
Love, care or hate whatever she intends,
she does everything to the greatest extend.
Apparently an egoist and a spoilt woman,
she is sweet, adorable and a soft cushion. 
Her charm, her grace, her smile never fails to impress,
a jewel, a purse or a dress, what will suit her interest? 
With little gestures of true love and care,
you may easily win her heart rare. 
I'm glad I could make it to her list,
because friend like her is truly a bliss.

This is how I wrote my second poem. Although it is not very good, not something extraordinary, but still I wrote this.


Writing this one required quite some thinking and it did took some time unlike the first poem which just happened. But writing this one made me realise that 'if I try, I can do it.' And this doesn't apply to just writing. It applies to everything and everyone. If we try do something, try harder, we can actually do it.

That was my story of friendship, writing a poem and trying and achieving something. If you have some stories like this, I would love to hear it. Do share it with me in the comment section below.

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