Thanks for landing here on the about page. Let me start by introducing myself.


I'm Fatima Nayani, a hobby blogger and youtuber. I'm into this blogging world since past 4 years now and I have a successful (as compared to other blogs I created) lifestyle blog Health Beauty and Food. I also make some videos and share it on my Youtube Channel (please check out and subscribe).

Now coming to the question "why I created this blog and what this blog is about?"

You know there are a few topics I wanted to write about in the past but I couldn't share them on Health Beauty and Food. There was a need of another blog since then and hence I decided to start a personal blog.

Now a personal blog doesn't mean that I'll write about all my everyday things. I know nobody is interested in that. Here I have decided to share about my experiences, my poems, places I visit or any other thing I find worth sharing. Basically, I'm going to share my thoughts about several things, hence, the name Scrawling Thoughts.

I would love to have topics suggestion and feedback about my blog, so please write to me at scrawlingthoughts[at]gmail[dot]com.

You can also follow me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for blog updates, random quotes, etc.